Full Name
Neelam Chand
Job Title
Shift SLC
Speaker Bio
Neelam Chand is the CEO and founder of Shift SLC, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over a decade of D&I experience, Chand has worked with different industries ranging from higher education to financial services and tech startups to break down systemic barriers and to design a more equitable work environment. When it comes to inclusion wor, her philosophy is to "keep it real" and skip the etiquette of making people feel comfortable. She believes that a bit of discomfort is needed to begin the process of empathy and inspire positive change.

Chand has published thought leadership materials on various platforms, including Medium, Utah Business Magazine, and Silicon Slopes, for her expertise around racial bias, intersectionality, tokenism, microaggressions, and women of color in the workplace. Before establishing her firm, Chand served as SVP, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Zions Bank. Chand currently serves on various social justice boards and commissions throughout the state of Utah, including; Utah Governor's Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Commission, Utah Polynesian Professionals, and the Utah Covid-19 Multicultural Task Force.
Neelam Chand