Navigating Novel Employment Issues
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Rachel Lubert Kirsten Hotchkiss Emily Knoles Amanda Happle Jenna Yott Robin M. Solomon

We have witnessed an abundance of employment issues in 2020 from employee safety concerns, sick leave policies, social distancing, and healthcare and benefit plans, to further issues surrounding employment contracts, furloughing, recruitment challenges, privacy, biometric data collection and the disclosure of employees infected with the virus. It has certainly been a tumulus year from employment law. In this session, we will examine the key challenges of 2020 and best practice to approaching and resolving these challenges and disputes, whilst also take a look at 2021 and how the regulation needs to change to improve employee welfare in the future.

Moderator: Robin Soloman, Partner - Ivins, Phillips & Barker

Rachel Lubert, Assistant General Counsel, JDC

Kirsten Hotchkiss, VP, Global Employee Relations & Employment Counsel, American Express Global Business Travel

Emily Knoles, Corporate Counsel, Delicato

Amanda Happle, Counsel - Patagonia

Jenna Musselman Yott, Associate General Counsel - Able Services

Ivins, Phillips & Barker


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