Developing Agility and Resilience in Your Legal Operations Strategy
Date & Time
Monday, October 26, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Kristi Gedid Cindy Chen Heidi Stenberg

It is inevitable that we must face change at some point. At times, we can predict the changes ahead, but it is not always possible to see what lies just beyond the horizon. Embedding agility and resilience within your legal operations team and wider legal department can be thus crucial to responding to these unforeseen challenges with a well-orchestrated plan. Building strong relationships with external partners, including law firms, ALSPs and LPOs, can be further important to deliver a well-executed plan that effectively navigates unforeseen change on a global scale. Resilience training for your in house team & how to support their response to change Flexing to global market shifts with pace: leveraging your external partners to gain an inside view to what lies on the horizon Collaborating with external partners/ALSPs/LPOs to gain real-time advice on your legal operations and resource planning

Moderator: Heidi Stenberg, Principal - EY Law

Kristi Gedid, Senior Director, Global Legal Operations - Mylan

Cindy Chen, Associate General Counsel - Pernod Ricard

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