Technology Workshops
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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The Power of Bringing Discovery In House - Identifying the right areas to insource
Learn how to identify ideal opportunities to bring discovery in house, how to leverage your current team and avoid common mistakes. Drive down costs, increase control, and set yourself and your team up for success. 
Company: Zapproved
Speaker:  Jennifer Bantelman, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering, Zapproved

Artificial Intelligence: How ContractWorks is Transforming Contract Management for Corporate Counsel
Artificial Intelligence has become an exotic term, but what implications does it have for corporate counsel? In its basic form, A.I. solves time-consuming problems for corporate counsel.  
Learn how ContractWorks applies artificial intelligence to drastically reduce software implementation time by automatically identifying contract end dates, type, and parties, so corporate counsel can focus on cost reduction, accelerating revenue, and mitigating risk. 
Company: ContractWorks
Speakers: Lorien Maxwell -  Sales & Customer Success Manager, ContractWorks and Katie Patterson - Sales Development Representative Manager, ContractWorks
ContractPodAi: Streamline your Legal Process with Contract Lifecycle Management  
Breakdown traditional barriers and limitation around your company documents to enable seamless functionality with efficient contract lifecycle management. From understanding the different elements your contract lifecycle solution should have, to seeing how an AI-powered contract process can save you time, money and headaches. Come learn more about this exciting legal development with Deirdre Leone, VP of Sales at ContractPodAi.  
Company: ContractPodAi
Speaker: Deirdre Leone, VP of Sales, ContractPodAi