A Legal Makeover: Reinventing the Law Department’s Brand from Nay Sayer to Teammate
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Jennifer Schott Susan Greenspon Ahna Severts

One major challenge for the legal department is their reputation as the “naysayers” of the organization. Whether this is due to how the department has historically operated or present circumstances, law departments are desperately in need of a rebranding from “no-men” to collaborators. To accomplish this, attorneys must current effective communication across functions. Teams often find themselves engaged in a frustrating and counter-productive battle with others over strategy, priorities, and timelines to ultimately make the best possible decision for the company. In this session, attendees will learn strategies for reaching across the aisle to other departments and being seen as a true collaborator and partner. This panel will discuss:

  • Communicating effectively both within and across groups
  • Identifying goals and priorities in the collaborative process 
  • Cross-departmental empathy 
  • Finding the balance between creativity and compliance

Moderator: TBD

Susan Greenspon, Chief Legal Officer, SmileDirectClub       
Jennifer Schott, Deputy General Counsel - Enterprise Governance & Finance, Caterpillar Inc.