Keynote Address: Minimizing Corporate Exposure in the Face of a Global Security Risk
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 8:40 AM - 9:40 AM
In today's age of technology, data breaches are occurring more and more every day. Many large corporations struggle with the intel needed to avoid these attacks, and as security flaws continue to be exploited, more companies' valuable information is becoming exposed for the taking. In this keynote presentation, Cybersecurity Expert and International TV Commentator Adriana Sanford, will outline that GCs and in-house counsel need to know when facing a security risk. This session will also discuss how the regulation of global threats from jurisdictions outside the US can create corporate exposure, and what GCs can do to minimize risk in the face of a global threat.
Adriana SanfordCyber Security Expert, International TV Commentator, Strategic International Consultant & Author