Future Panel Session: Reshaping The Industry: Trends in the Australian Legal Technology Market
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Anthony Wright Tim McDonald Denise Doyle Nigel Bond

As the Australian legal technology market continues to boom and tirelessly provide legal leaders with an ever-growing pool of legal technology services, what does this mean for the future of legal technology within Australia? Once considered just buzzwords within the industry, " Legaltech"  and " innovation" are now vital to help every legal department increase efficiencies and perform at the very highest level. However, with an abundance of options and technologies available to in house counsel, how do they navigate this space and decide which technologies can work for their organization? Join our esteemed panel as they explore the technology trends and up and coming innovations expected to dominate the legal industry.


  • Tim McDonald, Head of Legal, Lendlease Engineering & Lendlease Services - Lendlease
  • Denise Doyle, Legal Transformation Lead - Telstra
  • Nigel Bond, General Counsel, Consumer, Business & Wealth - Westpac
  • Anthony Wright, Head of LOD Innovation & Design - LOD