Legal Operations Panel Session: Articulating Value by Leveraging Key Metrics
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 9:40 AM - 10:30 AM
Anna Golovsky Matthew Duncan Katrina Gowans Elliot Leibu Ian Goddard

Today, in most areas of business, success is measured clearly with metrics and KPIs that illustrate growth in either financial terms or customer satisfaction. In legal departments, metrics for measuring success remain unclear with some companies still using ‘nothing went wrong’ as the main indicator of a successful legal department. However many in-house counsels understand that simple metric fails to capture the impact and effectiveness of their departments. So what KPIs and metrics should you be setting to identify value?


  • Katrina Gowans, National Legal Transformation Lead - Origin Energy
  • Elliot Leibu, Head of Legal Operations - ANZ
  • Anna Golovsky, Executive Manager, Legal Operations & Agility - IAG
  • Matthew Duncan, Director of Legal Operations - QIC
  • Ian Goddard, Chief Executive Officer - Yarris/Dazychain