Developing Successful PR Crisis Response Plans
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
India Boulton Christopher Lalan Kavi Reddy Abigail Harris

In today's world of social media, bad PR travels fast. To combat these situations, the best offense is often good defence. Legal teams, marketing and PR teams and firms must work in tandem to swiftly handle negative attacks against them. Industry leaders know that this requires a well-reasoned crisis management plan, and one that involves multiple key teams to be effective.

  • Hear from leaders who have developed and implemented successful crisis management plansĀ 
  • Who to involve in the creation of your crisis management planĀ 
  • Actionable first steps to take when you find yourself in a PR crisis
  • Strategies for monitoring borderline incidents and determining when to step in

India Boulton, SVP, Legal Affairs, T-Mobile

Kavi Reddy, Co-General Counsel, Brunswick Group

Christopher Lalan, SVP & Legal Director, Popular Bank