Full Name
Suber Akther
Job Title
Principal Litigation Counsel
Speaker Bio
Suber Akther is a solicitor advocate and Head of Litigation for Siemens plc (UK). Suber manages Siemens plc disputes across the board and a wide variety of subject matters, including: construction, product liability, energy, rail and general commercial disputes. The forum for the disputes span English courts, arbitration, adjuction and other alternative dispute resolution. Suber conducts his own trials and often works on a direct access basis with senior counsel and managing external law firms. Suber was the lead lawyer and instrumental in he widely commented and ground-breaking case of Eurocom vx Semesn where Siemens estabished prima facie fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of the opponent’s advisors in the nomination and appointment of an adjudictor.
Suber Akther