Full Name
Vernolize Burger Smidt
Job Title
Director, Head of Data Privacy
Werksmans Attorneys
Speaker Bio
Ahmore is a director at Werksmans Advisory Services and extensively advises clients both locally as well as in numerous African countries. She advises on all aspects of regulatory compliance with specific focus on competition law and data privacy in various sectors. She regularly undertakes compliance audits and oversees the implementation of compliance programmes and is the principle driver of the Werksmans risk assessment and e-Learning tools as well as the coleader of the Werksmans Dawn Raid Team. Ahmore is a regular convenor, speaker and participant at local and international conferences and seminars on competition law and data privacy. Prior to joining private practice, Ahmore was Deputy Commissioner and headed the Enforcement and Exemptions Division of the South African Competition Commission.
Vernolize Burger Smidt