Full Name
Bertrandt Delport
Job Title
Managing Director & Principal Regional Counsel - Africa
BT's Global
Speaker Bio
Bertrandt Delport is the Legal Director - AsiaPac Middle East & Africa, Country Manager - SSA at BT.

Bertrandt started his career at a mid-tier law firm in Pretoria and quickly focussed on high court litigation and commercial work, predominantly for customers in high technology and engineering industries.

Bertrandt has now been appointed as the managing director for the Africa region for a major multi-national telco, and leads a cross-functional team of finance, human resources, operations and sales experts, providing services to 80+ African and international multi-national corporations across 35 countries in Africa.

Bertrandt also services on the Middle East & Africa leadership team, in addition to his responsibilities as principal legal counsel for the Africa region.
Bertrandt Delport