Collaborating Through the Crisis: How In-house Lawyers Add Value to Their Enterprise
Date & Time
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Now more than ever, in-house legal teams are under pressure to add value to their organization.  Top General Counsels are finding ways to meet their executives’ demands for forward-thinking, constructive, business-enhancing solutions in this time of crisis—and doing so in ways that build strength and engagement in the legal department so that they emerge stronger afterwards.

In this research-backed, interactive online workshop, learn how “smart collaboration” is the key to developing the high-value, holistic solutions that harness the collective power of their team to tackle the entity’s most complex problems. 

Discussion topics include the following—plus the ones you chat in:

  • Identify ways to join business leaders’ (virtual) discussions early enough to integrate legal expertise fully into their decisions
  • Partner with functional counterparts to create holistic solutions that capture opportunities, lower risk, and improve the employee and customer experience—for now, and when the economy recovers
  • Combat the tendency for stress to increase stereotyping and bias, which undermine diversity efforts and dampen morale & productivity
  • Maximize productivity, trust and empathy through remote working—simple, practical tactics to help teams make sense of each other’s behaviour, and minimize the effect of inevitable distractions and related misunderstandings when working across locations

Highlights will also include a preview of Dr Gardner’s forthcoming special report, Smart Collaboration for In-house Legal Teams, to be published May 2020.

Dr Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow & Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School