Full Name
Alex Lazarus
Job Title
Behaviour Change Scientist, Executive Coach, Facilitator and Change Agent
Lazarus and Maverick
Speaker Bio
Alex Lazarus, Managing Director, is an Award-Winning Marketer, Leadership and Executive Coach, Facilitator and Change Agent. She completed MSc in Coaching & Behaviour Change from Henley Business School and The University of Cambridge certification for psychological testing. She is also certified in NLP, Lumina Spark | Select | Leader | Sales | Emotion Psychometrics. Prior to working as a coach, Alex held senior management roles including Marketing Director for Walt Disney Company. She credits Richard Branson, her ex-employer, amongst others, for inspiring her to stay curious, human and agile. Since she left the corporate world and took on a mission to launch people – not products – into success, she has worked with thousands of people in the UK and abroad.
Alex Lazarus