Breakout: The Mutual Benefits of Understanding the Mindsets and Role of Millennials and Gen Z Cohorts In Your Firm 
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Kathleen Russ

With the last of the status quo challenging millennials paving out the start of their careers, the next generation of ‘zoomers’ are starting to enter the job market. Soon Generation Z will become a critical part of companies’ talent management strategy, yet to achieve the latter law firms will have to understand the mindsets of millennials and Gen Z to identify their differences, their role in the firm, and how they are nurtured to become the biggest asset for the firm. 
This breakout session explores:

  • Going beyond established talent management strategies to develop progressive and flexible working environments attractive to this cohort
  • The new wave of workers: How to support junior lawyers in the hybrid workplace with career progression and upskilling  
  • Attracting the Gen Z talent pool: Branding, compelling digital campaigns, and the X factor
  • Wellbeing: Building strategies for psychological safety, mindfulness, and healthy habits in the workplace and when working from home