Remuneration: How Is The Cake Going To Be Cut In The Future?
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Competition to attract and retain the best talent continues to intensify. Law firms are now faced with a big challenge – how should we cut the cake in the future?

Many independent law firms have begun to readdress the traditional law firm partner remuneration model, but that, whilst important, is not of course the full story.

Independent law firms must also attract and retain the best talent across business services and at the associate level in order to maintain a competitive edge. In this session we look at holistic approaches to remuneration and address the growing challenges for current compensation models at all levels and in all areas of today’s independent law firm.

  • Where is the compensation model heading?
  • How can we build a holistic model for remuneration reflective of the changing law firm model?
  • Aligning your remuneration strategy with the firms purpose 

Moderator: David Patient, Managing Partner, Travers Smith

Zia Mody, Founder and Managing Partner, AZB Partners

Filippo Troisi, Founder and Senior Partner, Legance

Maria-Pia Hope, CEO and Managing Partner, Vinge