Full Name
Dimitris Paraskevas
Job Title
Managing Partner
Elias Paraskevas Attorneys 1933
Speaker Bio
Dimitris E. Paraskevas is the Executive Chairman of the Paraskevas Group that includes a leading Greek law firm (PLF), consulting companies, investment vehicles and a charitable foundation. PLF was established in Athens in 1933 by his father, who was widely referred to as the Dean of Greek lawyers, and is the only Greek law firm that has been listed as one of the 50 most innovative law firms in Europe by the Financial Times. Paraskevas has 33 years experience in transactions and litigation that exceed $400bn in 75 countries. He has authored several articles and is a regular speaker in conferences and the media. For his work as the Secretary for Privatisation of three Greek Governments during 1993 – 1999, he was named Super Salesman by the Financial Times. He is the Conference Quality Officer of the Banking Law Committee of the IBA as well as the Membership Officer of the Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee. He serves as board member of various companies and committees. Ranked 1st in the Bar exam, holds a First Class Honours Degree in Law from the University of Athens, an LL.M. from LSE and several professional qualifications including from Harvard Business School.
Dimitris Paraskevas