Full Name
Natasha Pramchand
Job Title
VP General Counsel Commercial COE
Speaker Bio
Natasha Pramchand is VP General Counsel Corporate and Commercial COE at Massmart Group with 26 years of post-admission experience. She is responsible and accountable for the Massmart’s Group Commercial and Corporate centre of excellence.

Thus far her career path has been an interesting one and she has worked across varied industries in a few multinationals such as private practice, IT infrastructure outsourcing, Telecom’s, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Data Analytics Software sales and now Retail/Wholesale.
In her corporate legal career, she has used her voice to uplift women against any inequity such as bias, stereotypes and misogyny. Helping women find their voices and enabling them to take their rightful places at the table is one of Natasha’s obsessions.
Natasha Pramchand