Bank Tax Tutorial Workshop
Date & Time
Thursday, November 5, 2020, 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
David Thornton

As most of the presentations at the conference will focus on specific technical issues, you will want to take advantage of our preparatory Bank Tax Tutorial. The Bank Tax Tutorial is designed for comptrollers, tax professionals and their outside advisors, and prepares you to follow the conference presentations with a greater understanding of the complexity of these issues. If you have not had a refresher course in some time, if you want a succinct and inclusive review, or if you just want to fill in gaps in your background, plan now to attend this special tutorial. In this session, we will discuss the common schedule M adjustments specific to banking, the bad debt conformity election, and emerging issues that are likely to be discussed in detail at the main conference.

This session will: 

  • Provides relevant technical background enabling attendees to better understand the major topics to be discussed during the main conference
  • Serves as an excellent refresher for those professionals who need to brush up on their knowledge of bank-specific tax matters
  • Provides an opportunity to ask questions in a more casual environment than may be found during the main conference
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